The new SLIM T* system is designed specifically for working on minute parts.  This frequent request in the automotive world, where the use of compact components is widespread, is spreading more and more to many other markets and SLIM T* can now ensure the same flexibility, quality and performance of the largest LASER T* systems, at an economical price.

The small physical encumbrance is another key factor: occupying a total area of less than 2 x 3 m, SLIM T* is ideal for the production realities of any factory where installation space is limited.

Just like LASER T*, SLIM T* is a comprehensive, integrated system developed entirely inside TEAS for cutting and finishing plastic and composite materials with a CO2 laser beam controlled by an articulated robotic arm.

Completing the system is a complementary apparatus for collecting and eliminating waste scraps and an aerated, protective cabin that filters particulates and gases resulting from the cutting process.