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How to reduce costs?

Break projects down to their most basic elements

At TÈAS, we have always worked with a profound respect for the trust our clients place in us and for the financial investments which they commit to us. Our Soft Clusters® Method  was developed specifically to reach two fundamental objectives: contain costs while providing the highest quality investments.
To unite two such different and, in many ways, contrasting goals is the challenge TÈAS brings to every project.


Over time, every challenge we have met has allowed us to stockpile ‘Bricks of Knowledge’ which, thanks to the positive approach at the heart of our Team, inspire our staff to meet our growing objectives and ambitions.


These ‘Bricks of Knowledge’ constitute complex structures that are capable of smoothly integrating our mechanical and electrical schemes, our operating software and our tracking diagnostics and which allow us to apply this historical database of result-driven business knowledge to every new project.


Consequently, we can proudly offer a 5-year guarantee on each of our installations and, in 30 years of activity, we can boast of a 100% corporate success rate.

Cost reduction

As the sole interface for our clients, at TÈAS we eliminate wasted resources. Design, construction, engineering, plant operations and start up phases are tasks developed and carried out entirely by the TÈAS team of engineers, programmers and technicians.
At TÈAS, our focus on containing costs is also evident in drastically reducing hidden costs:

  • Reduced maintenance costs: our HEAD®method of accountability and ergonomics throughout production guarantees immediate and efficient maintenance;
  • Drastic reduction of operating costs: we track the consumption of all utilities and consumables throughout production;
  • Environmental impact reduction;
  • Minimizing downtime: thanks to the innovative TÈAS system of patented HelpWare®, we have improved off-site installation support to a level unknown until now.