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100% Risk free code

TÈAS was born coding. Need we say more?

Coding software is the true hallmark of the TÈAS method: Code Safe®.

We redesign and shape reliable mechanical and electrical systems based on our clients’ existing software, with the sole aim of rendering even the most complex operations simple. The dedication to detail in our software design also simplifies system maintenance.

Our software is structured on two levels:

1 – The first consists of standardized function blocks; home to manual control logic, functional interconnections and diagnostics.

Thanks to our extensively-tested and reliable HMI interface, part of our HEAD® process, we can avoid additional and costly changes over time.

2 – The second part consists of sequencers created ad hoc for each system. Here, our architecture quickly identifies each phase of development and can detect the eventual cause of any obstruction in the process.

At TÈAS we integrate all safety circuits within the security software of ‘fail-safe’ PLCs. Similarly, all security input-output management runs on ‘fail-safe’ I/O modules.