We are laser specialists

This watershed technology still furnishes incredible applications yet to be explored


For about a decade now we’ve been transforming the field with the versatility and quality of laser technology: from the LASER T*  system to the brand new compact version,  SLIM T*.

We have always chosen our partners from the leading producers of CO2 laser sources and optical fibers in order to provide stand-alone robot units for cutting plastic and composite materials and welding or cutting metal components.

We install systems for specific operations in the automotive industry (carpets, dashboards and plastic components), working with thermoformed materials (ABS, polystyrene, plexiglas and plastics in general) and composite materials (fiberglass, carbon fiber, Kevlar, etc.).

By the sheer number of our installations, TÈAS is the industry leader in providing cut thermoformed cells for refrigeration, offering a variety of automated solutions and cutting speeds up to 400 mm / sec.

In the field of fiber lasers we have an established R&D center to prototype specific customer requests.

1-Taglio-Materiale composito rinforazato Fibra-di-Vetro e Kevlar

Laser Cutting Composites Fiber Glass and Kevlar Reinforcements

2-Sistemi di taglio-ad altissima-velocita-su-materiali-plastici

High Speed Laser Cutting Process for plastic Materials


Laser Cutting Process on Fiber Glass Reinforced Bath Tube

4-Taglio-Plastica- fanali autromotive Dettaglio

Detail of PMMA Laser Cutting on Automotive Components

5-Taglio-PMMA fanali autromotive

PMMA Automotive Lighting Laser Cutting

6-Foratura-Plastica-Dettaglio qualità

Detail of Laser Cutting Process on Plastic Thermoformed Materials


PMMA Automotive Lighting Laser Finishing

8-Sistema Laser T Completo

Overall Layout of Laser T System


Laser Cleaning Application

10-Taglio-Materiale-Fibra-di-Vetro e Kevlar Dettaglio

Laser Cutting Composites Fiber Glass and Kevlar Reinforcements - Detail

Laser T*

A comprehensive, integrated system developed entirely inside TÈAS for cutting or finishing plastic and composite materials that meets the highest standards of safety, work area cleanliness and environmental codes.

Provides for a CO2 laser source whose cutting head beam is controlled by an articulated robotic arm. Completing the system is a complementary apparatus for collecting and eliminating waste scraps and an aerated, protective cabin that filters particulates and gases resulting from the cutting process. Find out more


Seven years after the introduction of the industrial Laser T* system, TÈAS has recently taken a hint from the automotive world and added a new compact system to its range of solutions!

The new system offers the same performance and advantages as Laser T*, while occupying an area of just 6 square meters.

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