Tried and true methods to guarantee your success

We believe so strongly in our know-how, we guarantee all our projects for 5 years. Discover how:


Global Partners

The know-how gained in over 30 years of experience in industrial automation, enables TÈAS to approach their clients as project partners in a global sense: from the initial feasibility study of the plant to its industrial roll out.

Upon request, TÈAS can run functional and computer simulations to validate client feasibility studies or pre-design phases.


Constant technical upgrades and the use of new methods and devices drive our ongoing search for appropriate solutions across the most varied applications in industrial automation.

Total Support

TÈAS, consequently, supports companies in the production of automation systems for managing each process along the entire production cycle.


All design activities (whether mechanical, electrical or software programming) are carried out entirely by the internal TÈAS staff. The production of mechanical parts (excluding small changes or limited batches) is entrusted to third-party companies TEAS has established solid and reliable business partnership relations with and that have signed comprehensive confidentiality agreements.


The TÈAS organization is a single reference point for customer contact from the initial bid, throughout the execution phase and continuing into after-sales service.

Our Strengths

Everything described above is possible thanks to the use of our Soft Clusters® methodology, to our vast experience coding software which allow us to start by programming the “brains” of our systems, and to a our focused attention on the interaction between man and machine and, therefore, to all aspects of accessibility, safety and ergonomics.